McCain Picks Gov. Sarah Palin

Am I allowed to say I called it?

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Avoiding a Fight

While strolling through the Far Point Media forums, I ran across a user whose signature said “Obama. Because I want a smart president this time.”  My brain immediately responded, but I haven’t allowed that response to leave the confines of my skull.  I don’t want to make a political comment in a thread about bookshelf organization.  I think adding my own signature with the retort would be a tad juvenile, and that’d leech into my posts elsewhere on the forums.

I almost PM’d the person, but, to what end?  I’m pretty sure that, no matter how polite my introduction, the smarmy response would likely be remembered as my true first impression.  I don’t know this person, and I’m not going to change his mind, so why bother?

Well, I have a condition.  Once a really good line (even a mostly passable line) or an argument (randomly generated or caused by an earlier conversation) spawns inside my head, I won’t sleep till I let it loose in some fashion.  My wife’s asleep.  The one friend I have who might be interested seems to be avoiding my calls.  Thus, I inflict this blog post on the intertubes, and the one random hit I get every couple of days.  (I make no guesses about whether it’s a spambot or a real person.  A hit’s a hit, right?)

Anyway, back to the point, so that I can go to bed.  “Obama.  Because I want a smart president this time?”  How about “Obama.  Because the 57 states need 10 years of hope.”

Edit:  Just thought of a potentially better line.  “Obama.  If I can’t have substance, at least give me style.”

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Slightly Disturbed

So, just as an example of how my brain works (if you can describe it as working), I had a random thought pop into my head yesterday.  I’d listened the night before to a story told by an author who had some issues with depression.  I don’t recall the author or the real names of her books, but they were depression related.  This was what rose through the murky depths of my brain many hours later:

She authored many bestsellers, including Depression and You, Me and My Happy Pills and her latest hit, I Can Finish This Book or Kill Myself, a great read until the last five blank pages.

I’m glad no one reads this.  I’d likely get in trouble for that.

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Cut Off Dates

So, I’m finding that there’s too much information in the world.

I’m working on a paper for my English class.  It’s supposed to be six pages, argumentative and finished on Friday.  I can’t decide if I want to write about a variation on the global warming debate, or simply advocate the overthrow of the government.  Every day I hear some new story which convinces me, at least till the next day, that one topic is definitely “the one.”  This is not terribly conducive to the idea of writing six pages by Friday.

So I’m thinking I’m just going to have to pick an arbitrary day this week, say, “This is the day I stop doing research,” and just start writing on whichever topic has me in its vile grip at the time.

I’m thinking Thursday.

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