Playing For Keeps

So, I haven’t quite figured out if anyone actually reads this blog or not.  The stat tracking on my domain (where I keep the latest posts aggregated) claims that I’m getting thousands of hits a month, hundreds a day.  WordPress has my hits pegged at more like one… every couple of days….  And I’m still not even sure if that’s a real hit, or a spambot driven away by Akismet.

Well, on the off chance that it’s a real person, and said real person happens to be a book reader, I’d like to recommend you pick up Mur Lafferty’s book Playing for Keeps.  She’s a longtime podcaster with a lot of talent who’s finally gotten a big break and had her superhero novel published by a small press.  If you’re reading this on Monday, August 25, Mur’s looking to rush the Amazon charts.  It’s a great book, and I’m thrilled I’m going to have a chance to own a copy, rather than just have a backed up version of the podiobook.

Good luck, Mur!

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