Joe Biden? Really?

Seriously?  Obama picked Joe Biden as his veep?  I’ve been pondering this decision since I heard about it, and I’m honestly surprised.  I figured the candidate for change, the candidate who’s all about not following politics as usual would have chosen someone a little less… usual.  I mean, I saw a picture of the two together and all I could think was, “Look, another old white guy running for office.  What a shock.”

It seems to me that the best thing McCain could do is pick a VP that’s either female or a minority.  Better yet, both.  I know Condie has said that she doesn’t want to run for office, but I would think that you’d be able to defuse a lot of the racial and gender tensions with a choice like her.

I figure I should take a quick moment to note my… strategy(?) with this blog.  I don’t really care about this election.  It’s been going on so long, I can’t quite remember when I started getting sick of it.  I don’t like either candidate, and I won’t be voting for either candidate.  I’ll vote, but it’ll definitely be for a third party candidate.

I pick on Obama because all I ever hear is praise and adoration.  The McCain supporters I know tend to have the feeling that, “Eh, he’s not what I want, but he’s close enough.”  The Obama supporters, on the other hand, tend to be downright fanatical.  I hear off the wall comments and conversations bordering on worship, and I feel like I have to step in and remind people, even if I’m just talking to myself, that he’s just another politician.  If ever anyone in power, say the leader of one of the houses of Congress, says that McCain is a “gift from god,” I’ll do my best to take him down a notch or three, as well.


Avoiding a Fight

While strolling through the Far Point Media forums, I ran across a user whose signature said “Obama. Because I want a smart president this time.”  My brain immediately responded, but I haven’t allowed that response to leave the confines of my skull.  I don’t want to make a political comment in a thread about bookshelf organization.  I think adding my own signature with the retort would be a tad juvenile, and that’d leech into my posts elsewhere on the forums.

I almost PM’d the person, but, to what end?  I’m pretty sure that, no matter how polite my introduction, the smarmy response would likely be remembered as my true first impression.  I don’t know this person, and I’m not going to change his mind, so why bother?

Well, I have a condition.  Once a really good line (even a mostly passable line) or an argument (randomly generated or caused by an earlier conversation) spawns inside my head, I won’t sleep till I let it loose in some fashion.  My wife’s asleep.  The one friend I have who might be interested seems to be avoiding my calls.  Thus, I inflict this blog post on the intertubes, and the one random hit I get every couple of days.  (I make no guesses about whether it’s a spambot or a real person.  A hit’s a hit, right?)

Anyway, back to the point, so that I can go to bed.  “Obama.  Because I want a smart president this time?”  How about “Obama.  Because the 57 states need 10 years of hope.”

Edit:  Just thought of a potentially better line.  “Obama.  If I can’t have substance, at least give me style.”

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Fundamental Failure

So, I got into a political debate with a friend of mine a few days ago.  He and I are of the same mind that politics are not a taboo subject.  They used to be discussed and debated openly and regularly, and they should be again.  

Anyway, as we were talking, the topic of McCain vs. Obama came up.  A couple years ago, I pretty much determined that my friend and I basically have the same opinion of the political parties.  I believe the Democrats are evil and the Republicans are incompetent.  My friend agrees, but switches the parties around.  So, it really wasn’t a surprise when he said he was considering voting for Obama.  I expressed my dislike for Obama, and he wanted to know why. (more…)

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